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of sunday meter enforcement. >> mr. yee is going to come up and give you an update. you had asked when we approved the budget that we return to you prior to the end of the calendar year and report to you on our progress and preparations towards the implementation of what you approved. so, we just have a kind of brief update for you and then we're here to answer any questions that you have. >> thank you. mr. yee? good afternoon, mr. yee. >> good afternoon, mr. chairman, members of the board, mr. reiskin. vaughan yee with sustainable streets. as you recall, you approved the enforce. of sunday parking meters as part of the last two-year budget cycle with the target date of implementation by january 6 of 2013. * so, i'm here to give you a brief update on where we are status wise on that process. basically we've taken two tracks to accomplish that goal, target date. the first is that we are focusing on the communications to try to achieve some widespread awareness of this significant policy change, and to raise awareness of the new metering hours before this target date, we are doing -- we are
recorder linda yee asked the questions instead. >> reporter: he's america's toughest sheriff. joe admits he courts controversy. >> welcome to san francisco. >> reporter: he got a dose of that when drag queens invaded his dinner party. the sheriff is in town for a convention. he hoped to reach out to eighth graders at a middle school who sent him letters. students wrote in spanish their disagreement with his fight against illegal immigrants and his tent prisons in the desert sun. >> they called may racist. i just wanted to meet with the kids and tell them the truth. >> reporter: he had to set the set the kids straight but the district canceled the meeting. the rep said she was too busy but denied there ever was a meeting. the sheriff defends arizona law that allows his deputies to check people's citizenship. >> so you don't speak english. you have no id. you can't tell where you're from or anything else. >> reporter: that would be the criteria? >> that's part of it. that's suspicion. it's lower than probable cause. and then we have a right to call immigration and check you out. >> reporter:
by sandy renwau, and yee fong. >> good afternoon, ms. woods. >>> good afternoon, commissioners. i've been living in north beach since 1962. i've continuously used the central subway, but we lost that one. i am just stupefied by some of the lies. i can't believe option 2 was not the favored choice. director rifkin, you were there, i'm sure you remember this rather clearly. we were not notified about this meeting and that these options were going to be presented to you until november 30th. i understand not everybody was notified by mr. funge if these options were going to be put before you. but anyway, i was. and then i've been back and forth with him three or four times about why option 2 didn't appear on the agenda. and the last thing i heard from him was, he thanked me this was the first. thank you for your comments regarding option 2. we'll be presenting all options to our board of -- on december the first. i don't see option 2 anyplace in your agenda. the decision on which option to move forward is now with our board. i was at the meeting all three hours of it and option 2 was clearly
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want to say thank you to all of you, to rob black from the restaurant association, benny yee to being here, our merchants, our neighbors and all the city partners who really believe in supporting the businesses and of course to todd from the office of economic and work force development, supervisor chu and our mayor ed lee. thank you so much for this opportunity to help out our small businesses in our community. thank you very much and we'll be available for questions later on. thanks. (applause) (applause) >> so nicely here, and very happy that all of you could come out and join us, you know, on this evening. my namey. the director of the night rover challenge. i'm going to kind of be the moderator for tonight, as we go through this first-ever challenge america summit. so i've got just a few things that, you know, i wanted to do with everyone, before we get into the program. first of all, i just want to take a minute and have everyone just look around this room. in this room, we have amazing people that are corporate, nonprofit, and government, all focused on challenge driven innovat
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comfort easy way, welcomed as a cyclist and making that term and the fame mr. yee for the bike path, it's a lot of significance for a lot of people. it has gotten the most out p.e. to me from cyclists i see, any which, public meetings. people saying thank you so much for improvements. * outreach i was on oak street and saw a team of of your staff examining down there during rush hour to figure out how to facilitate the bike lanes. dedicated, they were there at 6:30 in the eaglev. thank you. well done. >> members of the board? members of the public have any comments on mr. rifkin's report? >> this is an opportunity for members of the public to address the board on only 9 topics that mr. rifkin addressed. we have one member of the public who wishes to speak on one of the item that mr. rifkin discussed. >> anyone else can address the board on the director's report. seeing none, [speaker not understood]. >> all right. mr. chairman, i do not see mr. murphy here, therefore, there is no citizens advisory council report. as you stated earlier, you would like, then, to proceed to item 11 on the
's a big breakfast... [ mini ] yee haw! those fun little biscuits. >>> the international energy agency predicts that the u.s. could overtake saudi arabia and russia as the world's largest oil producer by 2020. much of the current energy boom comes from the increasing use of a process known as hydraulic fracturing or more common name fracking. in which oil and natural gas are extracted by shooting huge quantities of water, sand and chemicals into the ground at high speed to break up shale rock formations. in his state of the union address in january president obama haled the economic benefits warning of potential safety risks. >> we have a supply of natural gas that can last america nearly 100 years. [ applause ] and my administration will take every possible action to safely develop this energy. >> although burning natural gas releases only half as much carbon emissions as coal or petroleum many remain concerned about fracking harmful effects on the water supply, air equality and live stock. the cause has found a number of prominent spokes people. >> people understand that frack
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Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9